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"If you have any interest in psychic chat, numerology, love psychic readings or other astrology services, you've come to the right place. We've done extensive research to find out which websites are reliable and trustworthy, and we've picked what we think are the best of those."

"Out of all the services we tried, there were only two that we really felt were totally legitimate and worth the price. We want to make sure you don't waste your time and money on psychic services that just don't deliver." - Our Top Rated Online Psychic & Astrology Service...
Our Research Shows That At Least 592 People In The Area Have Had A Free Psychic Chat With Keen Psychics.
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Overview: Keen is a huge psychic chat portal with a lot of mediums. They offer astrology, tarot, dream interpretation, love and relationship advice, numerology and more. They have been around for several years and have consistently provided the best psychic chat and astrology services.

Our Opinion:One of the things that stands out is that you can see real feedback from previous customers about each of the Keen psychics. We think it's very important to be able to read actual opinions from people like you before you decide to speak with the psychic. This also helps you in determining the best psychic for you.

We spoke with three different Keen psychics and each one gave us a very personal experience with high quality advice. Keen offers a very diverse list of mediums which, from our own experience and the experience of others whom we trust, all provide top-notch service. Their prices are also quite reasonable.

Conclusion:Keen has been an industry leader for several years and we feel that overall, they are the best choice. We like the fact that they offer a free 3-minute trial reading with ANY of their psychics and right now they have a special promotion for new customers - 10 minutes for $1.99.Look through the full list of Keen psychics here to get started

 - Our Second Most Popular Astrology & Psychic Source...
Our Research Shows That Over 300 People In The Area Have Used The Services That California Psychics Offers.

Overview: California Psychics is our other highly rated site and really the only other one we feel is worth checking out.

Our Opinion:We feel that California Psychics is a very good, reputable site. The quality of their mediums seems to be quite good and we were impressed with the ones we spoke to. However, we didn't like their chat room area quite as much as Keen's.

California Psychics also doesn't have a free trial offer, although they do offer great introductory rates for 10, 20 or 30 minute chats with many of their psychics. They are definitely a good psychic service and worth checking out - much better than most of the other services we tried.

Conclusion:Overall a good choice, and they are quite particular when hiring psychics. Also, don't think you need to be in California to use their services - you can call from anywhere in North America and several other countries as well. Click here for the special introductory offer!

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Tim and Cathy are recognized experts in astrology and psychic mediums. They regularly test out psychic chat services as well as local mediums for the purpose of providing the most accurate, up to date information. Their experience and careful research allows them to quickly separate fake from genuine and pick out the best psychics for their readers.


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